About Barista Hospitality and Commercial College (BHCC)

At Barista Hospitality and Commercial College (BHCC), our story is steeped in a deep-rooted love for coffee and a commitment to excellence.

We are more than just an institution; we are a community of coffee enthusiasts, dreamers, and innovators who have come together to share our passion and expertise with the world.

Our Journey

BHCC was founded in response to the growing demand for well-trained baristas and coffee professionals in Kenya and beyond. Recognizing Kenya’s rich coffee culture, we set out on a mission to bridge the gap between the love for coffee and the mastery of its craft. 

Our journey began with a vision to create a place where coffee lovers could learn the intricacies ofcoffee and connect with others who shared their enthusiasm. By nurturing talent and providing aplatform for growth, we could contribute to the flourishing coffee industry in Kenya and helpindividuals pursue their dreams.

Over the years, BHCC has grown into a leading coffee education institution known for its commitmentto quality, innovation, and community. Our dedication to excellence has garnered recognition in Kenya and on the global stage, making us a trusted name in coffee education worldwide.

Our Values


We are driven by a genuine passion for coffee. It's what fuels our commitment to excellence and innovation.


We strive for perfection in every cup, every course, and every interaction. We believe that excellence is not just a goal; it's our way of life.


BHCC is more than an institution; it's a family. We value the connections we build, the experiences we share, and the support we provide to one another.


Coffee knows no boundaries, and neither do we. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, united by their love for coffee.

Our Commitment

BHCC is committed to empowering individuals to pursue their coffee dreams and careers. We provide a nurturing environment where students can develop skills, learn from industry experts, and gain realworld experience.

Beyond the classroom, we offer job placement assistance, networking opportunities, and ongoing support to help our graduates succeed.

Start learning Professional Barista skills today, with the best possible help.